• Have applied for Katie Beckett and recieved a level of care denial 
  • Children up to the age of 18
  • Live at home
  • Have a physical, cognitive, developmental or medical disability

Current Medicaid recipients are not eligible for this program

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  • Respite Care
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Medical services and therapies
  • Dental and optical services
  • Travel reimbursements for medical appointments
  • Recreational or therapeutic activities
  • Other services related to the child’s disability not covered by other payment sources
  • Referrals to Parent to Parent of Georgia and other resources
Payment provided only for services received after enrollment date


About Us

Mission, Vision and Goals
Coalition Information

Mission, Vision and Goals

Since the program's inception, Champions for Children has had a clear mission and vision. We help Georgia's medically fragile and special needs children realize their full potential and enjoy a state of well being, including being cared for by their families at home. Additional program goals are to increase awareness throughout Georgia about non-profit services available to medically fragile and special needs children and increase access to healthcare and support services.

In light of these goals, Champions for Children provides two primary services:

  • Direct financial assistance through reimbursements for care received;
  • Referrals through Parent to Parent of Georgia, which links families with additional resources.

Positive outcomes are core values of the program. In a 2012 survey, clients were asked to rate the Champions program values. Overall, more than 85% of respondents found these statements to be true about Champions for Children:

  • is consumer/family friendly
  • supports and encourages family choice
  • is easy to access
  • helps to empower families
  • has established ways to be accountable to families

This indicates that in these clients’ experiences, the Champions program has delivered services and operated in ways that are very consistent with its established values.



Coalition Information

Until 2006, most Georgia families caring for their children with disabilities at home could qualify for the TEFRA/Katie Beckett Medicaid Program; this is a program that is open to children regardless of their parents’ income. It offered the financial support for middle-income families to provide the care and services that their children needed and hold their lives together. However, when the eligibility guidelines were changed, 1,681 children throughout the state who had previously qualified lost their coverage.

A rug had been pulled out from under these families.  One parent wrote, “When [our son] lost his Katie Beckett waiver medical coverage due to their changes in the rules, we were scared silly. All of the money we desperately needed for his supports was suddenly gone.”

Fortunately, the Georgia Legislature set aside funding to assist medically fragile and special needs children and their families, including but not only those impacted by the changes in eligibility for the Katie Beckett Waiver Program. The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta oversaw the development of a plan for administering and distributing these dollars, and through the process the Easter Seals Georgia Coalition formed (comprised of five Easter Seals affiliates and Parent to Parent of Georgia) and remains the service provider of the Champions for Children program. Easter Seals Southern Georgia, headquartered in Albany, is the fiscal agent.